My way to get into Data Science

El Salvador del Mundo — El Salvador

Hello, everyone. I’m a Data Science Enthusiast from El Salvador that has already worked as a Data Analyst for different business in different countries (Restaurants, Hotels, Logistics) and also as a Data Lead for a Logistics Startup based on México.

This is a blog where I will be publishing everything I have learned so far about Data Science and also as a way to keep me updated and keep learning about this Big and Beautiful Area.

I’m still trying to figure out how I will be writing and structuring this blog but something that I have learned from my father and experienced on real life is that you have to start, it doesn’t matter if you have everything figured it out or not, the most important thing on every project is to start it and everything will start to fit into places.

So that’s it for now. I hope to be creating an entry every week, writing about different subjects of Data Science and sharing something about the experience that I have and maybe about the experience that somebody else has and could comment on these posts.

Hope to be here soon!